Christian Brossa

Hey! Thanks for stopping by this website my dad and I built together (thanks, Dad!) - My name is Christian Brossa and as you can probably tell, I play water polo. As of Fall 2023, I'm a senior in high school at Santa Margarita Catholic HS in Rancho Santa Margarita, California - a little town tucked up against the foothills in Orange County, California.

I've got an older sister, Grace, and a younger brother, John Kelley, and we've all played water polo for years (though only together a couple of times), mostly for Orange County Water Polo Club, but for SET briefly, as well. I started club when I was 10 and this will be my last season as I will be aging out.

We were all homeschooled for years and early on my Mom said “You guys need a PE class, you’re good ocean swimmers and love the water, so you’re all playing water polo.” Neither of my parents played water polo; she kept water polo stats in high school and my my dad's jam is bodysurfing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking - stuff you do next to people, not really with them... I don’t think any of us ever questioned water polo when we started... we just jumped in. I remember my mom giving my dad a list of pools and times to drop us off and pick us up and it pretty much has been that way ever since, except now my dad is the team photographer/videographer for three teams year-round, my Mom is team mom for the same amount and we schlep coolers and food to feed our coaches, our refs, the players and families… those car rides to and from practice… the drives to Palo Alto from Orange County… to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside and Norco, La Jolla, Newport, Irvine… so many moments with everyone laughing and crying tired and then excited and tired again…

Club Coaches

My club coaches have included Petar Asic (OCWPC'S founder & head coach), Ivan Buich (now Assistant Mens WP Coach at USC), Kenny Yamamoto, Rex Sample, Garret Glore, Adam Szerementa, Christian Macias (joined water polo coaching staff at SMCHS in 2023), and Filip Delić.

High School Coaches

My 2023/2024 high school coach is Brian Weathersby and I was previously coached at SM by Justin Johnson, who is now the men's water polo Head Coach at Concordia University in Irvine.

I've had the chance over the years to be an unofficial assistant club coach alongside some of my early coaches like Petar Asic and his son, Marko Asic, to some of the younger age groups in club - 10Us, 12U's, 14Us and the best age group - the Splashball kids.

I put together a highlight reel from the 2022/2023 season below and will create a new one once Fall 2023/ and 2024 seasons kick off. There are links to game film down below, too. I graduate from SMCHS in 2024 and would love the chance to play water polo with new players & coaches, study medicine (or chem - haven’t decided just yet) and make great friends along the way!